Farmers FAQs

First thing first, welcome! Signing up for SunDo is easy and simple. All you need to do is to download the app, choose the Farmer option and complete the online registration form. A SunDo representative will contact you up to a week after to verify the details. And meanwhile, it is time to work on your personal profile!

To register by phone click here.

As a farmer, you do not pay volunteers for their work, but you will be charged a matching fee by SunDo for each volunteer who has registered and arrived an activity. Matching fees vary according to the size of the group and are an average of 10₪ per volunteer per day. Volunteers do not pay to use the app.

The SunDo volunteers are private individuals from all over the country and from a variety of backgrounds. Generally, the volunteers have no prior experience in farm work, however, the volunteers’ previous activities are visible in their profile.

The app has no limit for the amount of activities that can be opened, and we encourage every farmer to use it as much as possible. However, in order not to damage the system’s credibility and the volunteers’ user experience, farmers are expected not to open idle activities or activities that are likely to be canceled.

SunDo is intended solely for direct agriculture and shepherding activities. However, it is important to remember that SunDo’s volunteers are not skilled workers. Therefore, we encourage every farmer to find the winning combination between jobs that do not require too much skill and jobs that will not be too tedious for volunteers. In SunDo we have already learned that with proper guidance and positive energies one can bridge the volunteers’ skill gap and turn every task (even weeding 😊) into a fun experience!

For single-day volunteering, we recommend planning no more than 5 net hours of work. In the case of extended (multi-day) volunteering you can plan up to 7 net hours of work per day. From our experience in SunDo it is very difficult to start a single-day activity before 9 am because most volunteers come to the farm from a distance. In order to start working days early in the morning, we recommend opening an activity that includes lodging in the night before (if there is such option) and thus ensure the timely beginning of the activity day.

For recommended timetables for volunteer days click here.

From our experience in SunDo, a good meal is a significant part of the volunteers’ experience, improves their work and makes you an attractive host. Generally, our recommendation is that in single-day volunteering the farmer will be responsible for providing the main meal of the day (breakfast or lunch, depends on the activity hours). If this is not possible, we recommend you find other things to offer the volunteers during the meal such as: soft drinks, hot drinks, snacks, etc. Obviously, in extended (multi-day) volunteering the farmer is responsible for providing all the volunteers’ meals.

In any case, we strongly recommend that you raise the subject of food when contacting the volunteers before the activity so that there will be no misunderstandings on the matter, with an emphasis on volunteers who are interested in kosher food, vegetarian food, etc.
Farmer remember – the volunteers march on their stomach!

Activity that includes lodging in the night before is a great way to ensure the timely beginning of the day activities (particularly if it is scheduled to begin early). Also, the lodging itself is an attraction for many volunteers and will make you a more attractive host. SunDo does not hold minimum requirements for living and sleeping conditions, however, in order to ensure a good experience for all parties it is very important to fairly specify in the activity page the conditions available to volunteers in order to avoid misunderstandings and unpleasantness.

In the event that you are opening the activity, the activity will be circulated in the app and volunteers will be able to register to it. In this case, you cannot select among the registered volunteers. However, if you anticipate a compatibility problem with one of the volunteers, we recommend you raise the issue in person and make sure that there is no expectation mismatch. A farmer who is interested in inviting specific volunteers can do so from the volunteer applications where individuals and groups offer themselves for work on certain dates and areas.

In such a situation, you should open an activity as soon as possible and call us. We will do everything in our power to promote the activity in the app with potential volunteers.

SunDo’s matching fee are paid only for the registered volunteers who have arrived the activity. When the volunteers arrive, make sure to mark them in the app as presents. Volunteers who have come to the activity not through the app and volunteers who have not been marked as presents by the farmer in the app will not be insured by SunDo.

In order to avoid such situations, during a volunteering day, the farmer is expected to guide the volunteers in order to help them understand what is expected of them. It should be recalled that the overall activity in SunDo is based on the goodwill of all parties, and therefore our recommendation in such cases is to allow the volunteer to enjoy the benefit of the doubt that he or she has no bad intentions and concentrate on the glass half-full. In exceptional cases when you feel that it is not possible to continue the activity it is very important not to confront the volunteer rather simply release him or her from the activity in good spirits. Cases of inappropriate behavior can be reported in the app.

Generally, a successful experience for the volunteer will be such that he or she felt a connection to you, the farmer. SunDo farmers are expected to present themselves to volunteers, to train them before work and to work alongside them as much as possible. In case you want to use the app but feel that you cannot make enough time for it, we recommend that you appoint a point person to help you with the volunteers, for example: a spouse, a family member connected to the farm, a worker with good social skills or the like.

Volunteers who come to work through the app are insured by SunDo for personal damages when working according to the standard safety rules. Regardless, we recommend you, the farmer, to have the necessary insurance to operate the farm. Volunteers who come to you independently and are not registered for an activity through the app will not be insured by SunDo and the responsibility for them solely on you.