About SunDo

Join us on a journey in the fascinating world of agricultural community in Israel

What is SunDo?

SunDo is a subsidiary of Hashomer HaChadash that seeks to strengthen the connection between farmers and the Israeli society. With SunDo, each person in Israel can “connect to the land” and volunteer in a variety of agricultural work.

Alone or with a group, with your spouse or with the whole family, with the reserve guys or with the office guys, everyone is invited to find the appropriate agricultural activity that fits them and to “get their hands dirty”.

Those of you who are willing to invest your time and effort in farming work will be rewarded with a cordial hospitality by hundreds of farmers in Israel who are waiting for your arrival with a hat and a smile and a open heart

How it all began?

Hashomer HaChadash (The New Watchman) organization was established in 2007 with the intention of changing the landscape of agriculture in Israel. Throughout its existence, the organization has operated tens of thousands of volunteers in various frameworks with the main one being direct farm work volunteering in farms throughout the country. In those activities the volunteers helped hundreds of farmers throughout the country with vital work and in return received a unique experience.

Considering the activity’s tremendous success, and in order to significantly increase the scope of agricultural volunteering in Israel, SunDo was established as an easy-to-use internet platform that enables every farmer in Israel to open his farm to volunteers.

Why SunDo?

SunDo is Israel’s largest agricultural platform and partners with hundreds of farms throughout the country. With SunDo’s help everyone can find their type of agricultural experience and know that in their work they create real value.

Taking part in significant volunteering

Experimenting in diverse agricultural work

Getting to know all corners of the country

Team building

and social activities

Assisting farmers

in the immediate vicinity

Taking on new challenges

Camping outdoors

(in relevant activities)

Connecting with new social circles

"Getting out of the office"

and connecting to the land

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