Volunteers FAQs

First thing first, welcome! Signing up for SunDo is easy and simple. All you need to do is to download the app, create your profile and… start volunteering!

The minimum registration age for the app is 15. Teens between the ages of 15-18 require parental permission that will be taken through the app at registration. Afterwards, a notification email will be sent to the parent in each registration for future activity. Teens under the age of 15 cannot register to the app themselves but can attend an activity accompanied by an adult SunDo user (over the age of 18) who registers for an activity that allows it, for example – family activity.

At SunDo, you can enjoy the agricultural volunteer experience alone (together with other users who have registered for the same activity) or with a group of friends.
You can register for an activity on behalf of a group and thus ensure the joint experience. We recommend all volunteers to have their own active user in the app so that they could enjoy the full experience. However, if some members of the group choose not to download the app, a representative of the group can register them for the activity.

Volunteers do not pay to use the app, but farmers pay a subscription fee for using the system.

SunDo farmers are farmers from all over the country who appreciate the benefits of working with volunteers and committed to provide them with a unique experience. You can learn about the farmers’ farms and the past activities they hosted through their personal profile.

SunDo is intended solely for direct agriculture and shepherding activities. In any activity that opens in the app, the farmer must specify the exact type of work in order to allow you to best choose the activity that suits you and know exactly what is expected of you on the day of the activity. However, there may be cases in which the farmer will have to change the planned activity (unexpected weather, last minute cancellations, etc.). In these cases, you are expected to show patience and goodwill.

A classic SunDo volunteering day is around 4-5 net working hours to which should be added time for briefing and breaks. Farmers’ working hours are listed on their activity page and if something is unclear, you can always find out more in a chat or phone call. In general, any arrangement that is agreed between you and the farmer is legitimate, but please note that volunteering also requires a commitment to some minimum work time otherwise it is ineffective and does not help the farmer. Therefore, in most cases an activity of less than 3 net working hours will be unlikely.

All farmers who open an activity in the app indicate in the activity form whether they can provide the volunteers with a meal. SunDo encourages farmers to provide the main meal during the day, with the understanding that a good meal is a significant part of the volunteering experience, and that it will make it logistically easier for you the volunteers. However, in some cases, farmers are unable to provide food for volunteers, but they can almost always take care of the things around, such as: soft drinks, hot drinks, snacks, etc. Needless to say that in extended (multi-day) volunteering the farmer is responsible for providing all the volunteers’ meals.

In any case, we strongly recommend that you raise the subject of food when contacting the farmer before the activity so that there will be no misunderstandings on the matter with an emphasis on volunteers who are interested in kosher food or vegetarian food.
In SunDo we learned long ago that the volunteers march on their stomach! 😊

Many farmers offer lodging options to improve the volunteer experience and start the day on time. Each farmer who offers accommodation describes in the activity page the available conditions (tent / caravan / room, toilet, shower, etc.) and what he or she has to offer in addition (a campfire area, kitchenette, cookware, etc.). However, in order to ensure a good experience for all parties we recommend verifying the details in the conversation with the farmer before the activity.

Each activity page in the app lists the hours of operation, the type of the work, and the level of physical difficulty, to help you as much as possible in selecting a suitable activity. In addition, if some details are still not clear you can always reach the farmer through the in-app chat or by a phone call and ask additional questions.

As a rule, SunDo was built for volunteers without previous experience in farm work and the SunDo farmers know how to train and guide the volunteers before the activity begins. Activity registration is on a first-come-first-served basis and the farmer cannot cancel the participation of specific volunteers.

On your home page you can open a volunteer request for you or a group of volunteers (for example, a group of friends traveling together). In the request you can specify relevant dates and regions and it is available to farmers who can approve it. However, we also recommended to continue searching for relevant activities opened by farmers.

Using the app allows you to gain experience in your personal app profile and later to share your experiences with the rest of the volunteers and receive updates from the farmer regarding the fruits of your work. In addition, SunDo provides volunteer insurance for all app related activities and safeguards you from unexpected accidents.

Duly note that any independent activity that is performed externally from a current app activity is not insured by SunDo and is on your responsibility alone.

If you cannot participate in a future activity, you should cancel your participation in the app as soon as possible in order to allow other volunteers to take your place. If this is a short notice, you should also inform the farmer directly. We know that in certain cases there is no choice but to cancel, but it is important to remember that a farmer who opens an activity in SunDo is counting on you and invests time and resources in preparations for the activity. SunDo reserves the right to block users who do not use the app in good faith.

Every SunDo activity requires long-sleeved pants and closed shoes. In the hot seasons, a hat, long-sleeved shirt and water are also recommended (the farmer always provides water in the work area but it never hurts to bring extra).

In addition, bring food and overnight gear (if necessary) as agreed with the farmer.

After verifying the details of the day with the farmer before committing there should not be many surprises. What is now left is to arrive on time with the appropriate clothing, listen carefully to the pre-work instruction and follow the safety rules. It is important to remember that the farm work is the farmer’s livelihood and should be treated with respect.

And of course, don’t forget to have fun! 😊

In a case of difficulty, our recommendation is to do what is possible and try to make the most out of the activity. Remember that farmers know that volunteers are not professional workers and their expectations are accordingly. In the event of a great difficulty, you should inform the farmer about the problem and ask for guidance. In some cases, the farmer will be able to offer an alternative activity, but not always. In order to prevent such situations in advance, it is important to carefully read the activity form before registering in order to understand exactly what the work is and what the farmer’s expectations are and if necessary contact him by the in-app chat or a phone call.

First, it should be recalled that the overall activity in SunDo is based on the goodwill of all parties, and therefore our recommendation is to give the farmer the benefit of the doubt that he or she has no bad intentions. You should remember that although farmers are professional at their work, some of them may be in the learning stages of working with volunteers. There is no harm in commenting a farmer politely in real time, and we also recommend giving feedback at the end of the activity and filling out a review on the app. These reviews help us at SunDo to improve the experience for all participants.

Volunteers FAQs